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Talk and Tinker: Digital Humanities Tools to Analyze Social Media Content for Critical Communication

Workshop Description:

This is a hands-on "talk and tinker" workshop where we will walk through a few tools that allow students the opportunity to learn to analyze social media content by applying tools and methods in digital humanities to communication questions and methods. Come ready to learn, play and ask questions.

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Tools for Data Collection, Analysis and Visualization: A Starter List

  1. ​TAGS

  2. Voyant Tools This is one of my favorite tools for text and theme analysis. So many cool ways to reveal patterns in datasets. They have tons of docs for getting started and learning the tool

  3. Hydrator

  4. Workbench is a free resource for data journalism. Collect Tweets, scrap websites and more.

  5. GitHub is a free resource for building code. This may be a bit advanced so you don’t have to start here.

Hands On Activity

  1. Coding Content: Activity

Digital Humanities Conferences: A Short List

  1. Digital Humanities Summer Institute @ MLA

  2. HILT (Humanities Intensive Learning and Training)

  3. ILiADS @Hamilton College DHi

  4. Conference of the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities (CSDH)

  5. Association for Computers and the Humanities Conference

  6. Digital Humanities Conference (ADHO)

People to Follow on Twitter: A VERY short list

  1. Jessie Daniels, Ph.D.

  2. Alondra Nelson, Ph.D.

  3. Tara McPherson, Ph.D.

  4. Lisa Nakamura, Ph.D.

  5. Catherine Knight Steele, Ph.D.

  6. Kim Knight Ph.D.

  7. Roopika Risam, Ph.D.

  8. Alex Gil, Ph.D.

  9. Meredith Clark, Ph.D.

  10. André Brock, Ph.D.

Digital Humanities on YouTube: Another Very Short List

  1. Caribbean Digital

  2. DocNow

  3. An Introduction to Digital Humanities - Bay Area DH