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# 2021 Q1 Flip Through Catch All Planner

Hello all,

Today's video is a bit long (just over an hour) will LOADS of detail about my research and academic planner as well as my personal planner. In the midst of the pandemic, I made two BIG planner moves. I switched from bullet journaling to disc-bound pre-printed planner and started using a catch-all planner method. I love it! You will hear me talk about all of this in this video and why this is working for me as a department. chair and scholar researcher who is always looking to enjoy the bounty!

I know that you are interested in the links to shops mentioned in the video so here they are:

1. Planner Press - vellums and functional dots

2. Fancy Plans Co. filler paper and planner inserts

3. Tombow Dual Brush Pens

4. Happy Planner METAL Discs - Gold

5. ATArtDigital clip art digital download

6. Waterman’s Fountain Pen — purchase through amazon

7. Zebra Sarasa 0.3 ballpoint — purchase through amazon

8. Notiq - Agenda Cover Saffiano Collection in stone gray for the Midi for the classic hp sized planner []

9. ATArtDigital — Digital download clip art. I used some for the cover art on my Research Pipeline and Habit Tracker []

10. Cloth and Paper — I use the Week on 4 pgs for my work planner and the vertical weekly for personal. I also use lots of their transparent dots, sticky notes and page flags []

11. Capitol Chic Designs --

12. Capitol Chic Designs Stickers at Michaels []


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