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Cloth & Paper 2021 Unboxing and Mini Set up

I was so excited to get order from Cloth & Paper I couldn’t just unbox it I had to set it up. So I apologize now for this LONG video but I think you’ll like it. I talk through what I ordered from Cloth & Paper as well as how I will use everything. You will see mix some of the items in with things I already have from other shops and learn a bit about my planner process. Hint: I fall deep in love with functional stickers on this video. IN LOVE! Who knew. Watch and Enjoy the bounty of your plans!


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📝MY SUPPLIES Bullet Journal, Planners, Stickers and Pens 🖊

1. Cloth & Paper []

2. METAL HP Discs - Gold

3. HP Snap-In Cover - Turquoise / Gold Dots - CLASSIC

4. Fancy []





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