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Women’s Wealth and Health Equity Summit Panel Video: New Approaches to Community & Stakeholder E

It was so wonderful to attend the Women's Wealth and Health Equity Summit in August. It is always wonderful to take my research on social media, social justice and African American women out of the classroom and into the community. This panel is an engaged discussion on method, theory and research tools. We also talked about the ways in which media tools are needed to inform and persuade within community and social groups.

From ARCHE website "Deepthi Welaratna of Thicket Labs moderates a discussion at the Women’s Wealth & Health Summit about effective issue-framing and messaging with panelists Dr. Lori Dorfman of the Berkeley Media Studies Group, Professor Goyland Williams of New York City College of Technology and Dr. Toniesha L. Taylor of Prairie View A&M University."