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My Letter of the Week: Dear Silence, It’s Me, Toniesha.

Yesterday was Sunday. On Sundays, I like to make a cup of coffee, sit on my sofa and scroll through Twitter while watching the Melissa Harris-Perry Show. I am all about #nerdland. It gives me joy to see Dr. Harris-Perry’s fully human academic self-talking about the issues of the day. Her show is the modern day media equivalent of the public lectures, salons, and coffeehouses of previous centuries. I am happy to participate as a scholar and sister citizen, to borrow terminology from her book of the same title. I’ll admit, however, that yesterday I was nervous. Hopeful but nervous. I knew from Saturday’s teaser that Melissa Harris-Perry was going to discuss the investigation into what happened

Early Reaction to the News of #SandraBland

I still have not processed what has and is happening in the case of Sandra Bland. As a researcher, I am compelled to run through timelines and theories and to outline methods of data collection and reasons for analysis. To make clear my purpose for writing and the uses for doing research. So let me start with the confirmed timeline. Timeline Friday, July 10, 2015, Sandra Bland was in Prairie View, Texas for a job interview at her alma mater Prairie View A&M University. She received the job and was due to start as early as the next week. Leaving campus, she stopped by law enforcement for failing to signal while changing lanes on University Drive. During her arrest, she was slammed to the grou


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